Puma Wall

Working at the KBS+ ad agency gave me a chance to work on some very unique projects for the company.  The Puma Wall was a custom-designed interactive feature built exclusively for Puma stores.  It was actually a bunch of iPads coordinated to present interactive games in the style of whack-a-mole and concentration.  I built the interface that store managers would use to schedule the game order, which also ran from an iPad.


BMW Mobile

The BMW USA mobile site presented a development challenge in creating a satisfying web-based experience that effectively simulated interactions on native devices. The ‘app’ featured numerous touch-based interactive elements that had to work well on a browser. Working with a team of front-end developers, we used JavaScript and CSS to create custom touch and swipe interfaces.

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Clearly Better Diesel

I was the front-end developer on a site promoting diesel-powered engines for BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch and VW. The site featured a number of interactive features to present the information in a more interesting light. Sliders, inputs and other UI elements invited users to explore the information in their own way.

Clearly Better Diesel

Nicki Minaj Minajesty

I was the front-end developer on a site promoting Nicki Minaj’s perfume Minajesty. The site featured an interactive game called Minaj a Moi that allowed users to take their picture, “Minaj” it up with wigs and jewelry, and upload it to an online gallery to share with others.


I was front-end developer on the web site for the iconic brand. KBS+ created a bold new look for the company and we employed some cutting-edge CSS techniques to create a eye-catching and fully responsive web site.

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Ludens web site
Chloraseptic Site


We created an update for the long-lived and well-known brand Chloraseptic, including features like a flu tracker to monitor whether there was flu breakout in your area.

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Media Kitchen

I was front-end developer on the in-house media-buying company Media Kitchen. The site direct updating from the Media Kitchen’s own Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Media Kitchen


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